Replica Cartier: Very common but very classic watch

Today, I want to say a very common,replica watches but very classic watch, Cartier blue balloon. The popularity and popularity of Cartier Blue Balloon in China is comparable to that of Rolex and Omega. It is a famous watch in China. Regardless of men and women, there are so many people who choose blue balloons, and I am one of them.

I am a practical person, but I have a little feeling for the blue balloon, because the blue balloon is the first watch I know. At that time, I read a fashion magazine. The celebrity inside had a watch on his hand. It was very nice.repliki zegarków I specially remembered the name of the watch, called the blue balloon. Later, I became interested in the watch, bought a lot of watches, and the blue balloon was one that I bought decisively.

The well-designed shell shape is a major feature of Cartier, and most of Cartier's watches are special shapes. The Santos is square; the tank is rectangular; the DRIVE is cushion-shaped; the key is the abalone shell; the TORTUE is the turtle-shaped. The round blue balloon has also become a special round case thanks to the addition of a shoulder that completely wraps the crown. The crown with blue spinel in the shoulder guard is the origin of the name of the blue balloon.

Anyone who has a blue balloon knows that the blue balloon looks like a circle, but the actual case is a "flying saucer" shape. The case forms a huge curved surface, the case is thin and the middle is thick. The mirror and bottom cover are raised to achieve maximum curvature at the center. The mirror forms a raised "dome". Among the various watches on the market, the blue balloon is the only watch that uses this "flying saucer" case. In the hand, the blue balloon feels like a smooth, symmetrical "pebble". After wearing your hand, it is very good.

The blue balloon is polished on a large area. The surface of the case is completely polished, and the H-chain links of the bracelet are all polished. The brushed part has only the back of the case, the invisible part of the back of the bracelet and the middle small chain link. Due to the large area of the blue balloon, the watch looks very bright in the light, especially the "flying saucer"-like head. The advantage is that the luxury of the watch is very strong; the disadvantage is that the polished part is easy to leave scratches. From the blue balloon case treatment, it can be seen that this is an absolutely emphasized luxury watch.